Ask Freda

Published February 16, 2014 by Annie Oliver

It has been said that I can dish out a good dollop of advice, when needed. My writer friend Annie often comes to me for advice and she says it’s so good that she will magically entrap my advice onto the screen using her laptop contraption. I never cease to be amazed by her skills. A little tuition in finger-wagging and she’d make a fine Witch.

This is one I answered earlier…

“Dear Freda,

I had a really good friend at school but just lately a new girl started and we both made friends with her. Then they started hanging out together without me, which I didn’t mind except now they’ve started being mean to me, leaving me out all the time and calling me names.  It really hurts and I don’t understand why they would do this.

Danii, 11.”

Well, Danii, if this were happening in my home land of The Shade it would be easy solved. I would have given you an Empathalot charm to slip in her lunchtime drink. This is a great charm, as it makes the person feel the effects of the actions they do to others all day and soon puts paid to any vileness. However, as I keep being reminded I’m not allowed to meddle in that way here so I would put paid to this by practising your best Glare.

Each day, for at least thirty minutes, stand in front of a mirror and squint as though you are squeezing mud from between your eyes. Centre all the hurt you feel and shoot it right back out of those eyelids. If she starts to look a bit green and sickly every time you look at her, then you’re doing it right. Move on from that to the Death-Smile – it’s a smile you give when a Glare isn’t quite enough and you do it through your teeth, with all the malice you can muster.

As I’m being reminded by my writer friend that Glaring isn’t the answer to everything (although I sincerely think it is) my other advice is to concentrate on your other friends, the ones who don’t make you feel bad and get yourself out and about with them, show the other one what she’s missing. Also, as we don’t have Empathalot charms here apparently Talking is an acceptable form of making the other person know how you feel. Talk to your parents, talk to a teacher and get it sorted out.

And, of course, you can always talk to your old Aunty Freda…


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